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                            Wraps and Grips:


              Simple Replacement:

Time Consuming Jobs:

The humidity of the bow's setting affects the length of hair necessary for proper sound.

So please tell me where you will play. I ship all over the country and can accommodate dry and wet climates.

I have serveral kinds of white hair as well as salt/pepper, tan, brown, black and can special order other colors.

The balance of the bow is affected by the weight of the wrapping and should be considered when replacing a wrap.

The feel of the bow is affected by the grip so I have serveral kinds of leather, lizard and even rubber tubing to make your grip feel better.

Simple part replacements can be done the same day, just call ahead.

Head plates, pearl eyes and slides as well as brass eyelets can be take just a few hours.

Straightening and cambering a bow take time but can greatly improve the playing character of your bow.

Replacing the frog and button for a bow may be done for a couple of reasons.

A: The present frog and button are worn out or just wrong for the bow and is not working.

B: The value of the warrents the preservation of the original mounts.

A replacement can be made to custom fit your bow for your practical and aesthetic needs.